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Artegraft Assurance of Quality

See what surgeons and vascular specialists are saying about Artegraft.

Our Quality Production Process includes:

    Incoming inspection of all arteries in our cleanroom to detect and reject anomalies
  • Each selected artery is processed with USP purified water
  • Suture ligation of side branch vessels is triple-knotted to withstand chemical processing and quality testing
  • Chemical processing of the bovine carotid artery renders an acellular, nonantigenic collagen graft
  • Dialdehyde starch process (artery tanning) crosslinks the collagen for strength and stability
  • Testing at three separate manometry pressures are conducted to assure strength and quality (150/240/120mm Hg)
  • Each graft is measured for exact length and pressurized outer and corresponding inner diameters
  • Every graft is sterilized in its container, shrink-wrapped in tamper-evident packaging, and prepared for shipment with 3-year expiration dating

Artegraft. The Clinically Proven Choice.

Now you can use a clinically proven alternative to ePTFE grafts that offers surgical compliance and delivers significantly higher primary and assisted patency rates.
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