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Artegraft® to be Featured on 21st Century Health Television November 12, 2011

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North Brunswick, NJ – November 2011 - Artegraft® — manufacturer of the Bovine Carotid Artery Graft™ (BCA Graft) — is pleased to announce that it will be featured on Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc.'s 21st Century Health airing on Fox Business Network (as paid programming). This segment will focus on Innovative Alternatives to Synthetic Vascular Grafts.

Treating kidney failure is a tedious and ongoing process, and often the only thing that keeps a person alive until a kidney donor becomes available is hemodialysis. To assist a failing kidney in doing its job, hemodialysis, more commonly known as dialysis, uses a machine called a dialyzer to cleanse the blood. Cleansing is performed by accessing a vein and artery to allow the flow of blood through the dialyzer. The dialyzer then filters the blood of toxins and waste before returning it to the patient’s body.

Dialysis treatments must occur three times a week in most cases, and each session can last between two and four hours. Repeated needle sticks at this frequency would compromise a patient's veins. Artegraft provides patients with a natural collagen vascular graft that is implanted prior to treatment to create blood access. The collagen conduit creates a very flexible, compliant, small tube that is joined to a vein and artery to create a stable access site for dialysis treatment.

A recent three-year prospective, randomized clinical study published in the June 2011 issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery concluded that the BCA graft had significantly higher primary and assisted patency rates than the ePTFE graft.

Artegraft was the first vascular graft approved by the FDA in 1970 and has been in continuous clinical use ever since. While grafts are predominantly used for hemodialysis treatment, Artegraft is also approved for use distal to the aorta, for segmental bypass, arterial replacement, patch graft, and femoropopliteal bypass when the patient's saphenous is absent or inadequate.

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